Jessie Lee Reagen

Birth Place: Chicago suburbs, IL

Education: BM and PSD at Mannes College of Music


One World Symphony Cellist

1. Are any of your family members musicians? If so, what do they do?
My mom is a Suzuki violin and viola teacher. She also coaches chamber music at MYA, the largest youth orchestra program in the Chicago area.

2. What has been the highlight of your One World Symphony career to date?
The Cellobration was great, but the Brahms Ophelia songs were also really fun!

3. What would you say is your favourite piece of music?
I am never able to answer that question. It changes all the time. There is so much good music in the world!

4. What's the best thing about One World Symphony?
Playing with good musicians who also want to be there.

5. What music do you listen to in the car or subway?
nothing -- but if I had a car, some Mary J Blige, Norah Jones, Chopin nocturnes, Mahler symphonies, DBR's Mission (my hip hop band), Rachmaninov piano concerto #2 with Ashkenazy, Christina Aguilera, etc. It varies. :)

6. What is your favourite drink?
that's a toss-up between honeydew milk tea with tapioca pearls and a cafe latte

7. When you do have some free time, how do you relax?
Yoga, working out, reading the NYTimes, wandering around NY

8. Why do you continue to perform with One World Symphony when you can perform with other ensembles that would offer more financial benefits?
OWS offers me great performance opportunities.

9. If you weren't a musician what would you be?
A physical therapist or a Real Estate Agent.

10. What are your hobbies?
Yoga/working out, seeing live performances, traveling, finding new restaurants, wandering around the different neighborhoods of NYC