Sold-out, Standing-Room-Only Audiences at 
Breaking Bad — Ozymandias

Photography by Jaka Vinšek and Adrienne Metzinger

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Congratulations! Breaking Bad-Ozymandias is I also found Rite of the Cicada! This, combined with the humanitarian efforts and support for those efforts, and the audience engagement in wonderful performances. From the first concert that I attended — Alive!, as an artist I have felt that this is a unique creative vision, and I support One World Symphony and you and Sung Jin. Which is why I subscribed. 

Bitch, that was awesome! Please tell us that you’re doing it again! 

Congratulations on well-deserved standing-room-only house numbers both nights! Your composition and guided audience participation exceeded the bar you’d already set for creating bridges for members to access deeper layers of the musical experience. Well done sir :)

I thought the orchestra sounded great, and the singers were fantastic. I was particularly thrilled with the Wagner piece. You always hear about the Ring Cycle being such an anvil, and Dutchman was a delight.

Breaking Bad — Ozymandias was amazing. So much looming dread, the twin melody themes in the fugue winding around each other, the persistent heartbeat, the crazy powerful percussions — just astonishing. José looked hilariously perfect. You are such a dynamo up on the platform! If you had wings you would have taken off. Well done!

Breaking Bad opera exceeded my expectations! I went to both performances. Please perform it again. Since you asked for suggestions, how about American Horror Story next season?

I saw Ozymandias on Sunday and thought it was awesome. I really enjoyed the experience, my only regret was putting my hand down when you were looking for volunteers for Jesse’s Dream....would have liked to scream "Gatorade me bitch!" in a church. Once again, thanks for the great time Sunday

You need to repeat Breaking Bad opera. It was epic!

WOW! Really awesome stuff. Sung Jin is truly inspirational. I’m so proud of the job you are both doing. You can see the same passion in some of your members as well, thats really special. Keep up the good work :-)

This was probably one of my favorite classical concerts ever. I wished the conductor also included classical music lovers to participate in the Bitch Aria. Next time, please ask us classical lovers to join the fun.

The Classicalite review should read, ".., created a masterpiece *again*." Congratulations!!!

The Fugue was not your "step child." It may have been my favorite movement. It was very well crafted and the use of bitonality with four voices was creative and ambitious.

Hi Dynamic Duo,

Thanks for the reviews.... delighted to read them. Just g-r-e-a-t! Here’s a copy of an e mail  to several people about the wonderful evening. Thanks so much for being super kind to Mr.P, he really was so happy to be able to attend.

Last evening’s Breaking Bad One World concert was a smashing success. They had to add folding chair seats to accommodate the overflow crowd (second night running.) Lots of first time concert attendees, obviously attracted by the BBO piece.

Maestro Hong did an excellent job of getting the audience to participate with loud chants at the appropriate spots. 4 "volunteers" who had never been to a "classical type performance" were pressed in to service for solo yelling of chants all including the word "BITCH."  This part involved the Jesse Pinkman character who used the word to excess. It was a crowd pleaser. Mr. Hong knows how to get he audience’s attention.

Musically there were brilliant moments (from my point of view.) The half dozen vocal soloists, one male role—obviously it was Walter White/Heisenberg sung by a shaved head, bearded, who dressed just like the White character, including hat and glasses. The singers were all excellent. 

The orchestra was much larger than usual, included a harp, guitar, and xylophone or marimba.  Many new faces. Lots of strings who seemed to play as one. Very talented people, extremely gifted conductor.

Is it a great work, destined to be played again?  I have no idea, but I do know I enjoyed the evening.

The performance ran 1 hour 40 minutes, no intermission and only one break in the music flow as Maestro Hong left the podium briefly after the playing of  three other short works which featured vocal soloists. They were from Flying Dutchman, Onegin, and Berlioz:  La mort d’Ophélie. Breaking Bad — Ozymandias followed.

Is it a great work, destined to be played again?  I have no idea, but I do know I enjoyed the evening.

Sunday, January 26, 2014 at 8:00 p.m.
Holy Apostles Church
296 Ninth Avenue at West 28th Street

Monday, January 27, 2014 at 8:00 p.m.
Holy Apostles Church
296 Ninth Avenue at West 28th Street

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