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It was a wonderful experience and a great concert. You have a beautiful way of expressing to the audience and getting them all involved which I admire.

Maestro Hong and Adrienne,
What a joyous variety-filled ALIVE! Thursday, July 25 program at Holy Apostles. The first few numbers were very interesting, especially the premiere of Andrew Struck-Marcell’s Summer Cloud, surprisingly performed from the “cloud” of the balcony.
Very impressed by the world premiere Rite of the Cicada as well as the Bartok arrangement. The “Arohati” meditation from Cicada was exuberant and fun; the “Liebestod” from Cicada beautiful.
The concluding Mahler 3 was a tour de force with triumphant brasses. Congratulations!

I was appalled when a person kidnapped a live cicada and released it during another cicada program. I liked what you have written in your cicada essay that their life-cycle is precious and we should allow them to naturally fulfill their “Liebestod.” Your music was haunting and beautiful without any histrionics. Every moment had meaning and direction. I didn’t hear one audience member breathe or cough during the complex meditation movement. You’ve captured the human side of cicada’s life-cycle. Thank you for showing respect and taking account of the dignity of living creatures.

That was a fantastic performance last night. I throughly enjoyed listening to the orchestra. I like your creativity in programing and the ability to relate to the audience. Bravo to you on Rite of the Cicada.

You have to repeat ALIVE! Rite of the Cicada inspired the cicadas to finally awake. They heard your Rite and heard us chant “Arohati.” Please perform ALIVE again before the summer’s over.

Love the effect of placing the singer up in the balcony behind us! Great! Sound was phenomenal.
Want to buy commercial CD featuring your Cicada piece. Ergo you must get to the studio pronto to record it! ;) Wish I could help with that but from what I hear that is quite an endeavor. I loved the discordant sounds. Beautiful dissonance is one oxymoron which has been manifest by you here. Gorgeous sounds!

Mahler was awesome! That may have been only the first movement, but it may have been the most cohesive performance of it that I’ve ever experienced. The intimate and exposed chamber sections were as impressive as the dramatic tutti sections. It soared. How about repeating ALIVE with a revised program of Rite of the Cicada and entire Mahler 3.

Thank you for the concert on Thursday — what a great program. Mahler 3 is pretty incredible, even just the first movement!

Just wanted to say that the show was fantastic last night! I went to see Dorothy Smith Jacobs but loved the whole concert. I told a lot of my friends about it and they wish they had been able to go. You should have another concert for Alive! :)

Thanks for alerting me to this concert. It was especially good, concluding with the most exciting Mahler 3rd ever. Made extra exciting by not having to listen to all two hours of it. What more could you ask for?

Infinite congratulations again on an excellent concert, I really enjoyed it.

The concert was great and I loved the programming, interludes and your piece!

Just a quick note to say that I love your Rite of the Cicada composition. I find the piece to be very engaging. Here in NJ, we had quite an infestation. The little critters were completely coating our trees and bushes. I could not believe how loud the insects were when we stepped outside. I feel that you really captured the full cycle as the insects slowly came to life and built to an ever-present drone.

I really enjoyed your Alive concert. I must tell you from all the pieces I’ve heard you compose, Rite of the Cicada made the greatest impression on me. I still hear in my head those chords from the brass, and the whole concept of the piece blew me away.

I am very happy that I had the opportunity to attend Alive. The orchestra’s sound is really good, from the very first note to the final chord. I like the programming very much. The non-stop set is rarely heard in Taiwan, and the musical bridges connecting each piece felt natural. And the way your work Rite of the Cicada connected to Mahler 3 felt right and so smooth. Rite of the Cicada brought some unknown power with so much heart and passion. It was inspiring, and I can still remember that feeling.

Hope I have chance to experience another performance by One World Symphony in the future, and really want to thank you for bringing inspiring music to us.

Thursday, July 25, 2013
Holy Apostles Church


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