Eroica (Heroic)

Beethoven 3

Eroica (Heroic) Symphony
9/11 Tribute to Our Heroes

Beethoven: Third Symphony, Eroica (Heroic)

Barber: Sure On This Shining Night
(orchestration/arrangement by Sung Jin Hong)*

Hovhaness: Out Of The Depths
(orchestration/arrangement by Sung Jin Hong)*

Coldplay: Fix You
(orchestration/arrangement by Jihwan Kim)*

Carlos Castañeda Jr.: I Should Be Speechless*

Stan Grill: In Their Flight*

*2006 world premieres

Beethoven conveyed his spirit in his music and his outlook upon common human experiences. In his Eroica Symphony, which may have been originally inspired by Napoleon and the ideals of Democracy, he portrays the character of a hero in all its manifestations: battles, struggles, grief, resignation over loss, and redemption. Moving American vocal works by Barber and Hovhaness, as well as world premieres by Stan Grill, Carlos Castañeda Jr., and Jihwan Kim’s symphonic arrangement of Coldplay’s Fix You, will be interwoven between movements of Beethoven’s Eroica.

Special guest artists include The Youth Chorus of The Special Music School at the Kauffman Center, Amberleigh Aller, Nathan Davis, Meghan Dibble, Jerett Gieseler, Rod Gomez, David Gordon, Cristina Keightley, Sarah Long, Elena McEntire, Zhanna Menshikova, Coke Morgan, Erika Person, Christina Rohm, David Root, Ainsley Ryan, and Kathleen Theisen.

"Men are not only together when they are with each other; even the distant and the dead live with us."
-- Ludwig van Beethoven


Friday, Sept 15, 2006
St. Ann and the Holy Trinity
Brooklyn Heights

Sunday, Sept 17, 2006
Ansche Chesed Synagogue

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