Femme Fatale

Richard Strauss: Salomé

The ultimate femme-fatale opera, Strauss’s Salomé includes incest, suicide, murder, dismemberment and the most notorious striptease in opera, "Dance of the Seven Veils." The fin-de-siècle audience members at the premiere in 1905 experienced a shocking gore-fest that would have been considered an NC-17 rating today. Beyond the sensual and seductive music, Strauss created a masterpiece of lyric theater, audacious harmonic adventurism, and daring musical eroticism. Discover why Salomé has danced before the imaginations of European painters, sculptors, poets, and composers for 1,000 years. Click here for cast details!

Friday, June 22, 2007
St. Ann and the Holy Trinity
Brooklyn Heights

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Sunday, June 24, 2007
Ansche Chesed Synagogue

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