Benefit Concert for Japan
Mahler’s Symphony No. 3: What Love Tells Me

From One World Symphony Musicians

Dear Sung Jin and Adrienne,

Thank you so much for great, peaceful and meaningful concert last night. I really appreciate you that you and Adrienne began to organize the benefit concert so soon.

Actually, there are many activities to contribute to Japan by Japanese community because Japanese people should do that, but it’s thankful very much that many different races of musicians also participated the concert for Japan trough great music... News reporter Yuko said to me that she was surprised and inspired about that. I felt the same as her.

Many of people were shocked by reading newspapers and watching TV news about the earthquake in Sendai Japan, then I knew that some of sensitive people got sickness mentally because of their anxiety or PTSD from some experiences of their lost.

I noticed that many of audiences teared after finish our performance. I believe the music was healing audiences and musicians also.

The music at the concert was very unified with all of musicians. I’m really proud of everything One World Symphony

Thank you again!!

thanks for calling me to play this concert. all the pieces are intense and moving, I hear some Daphnis in yours, of course the Mahler is a sonic thrill, and your conducting-aura is, as usual, serious and profound. 

These are some very apropos comments, both from you, the audience member, and the musician. I very much enjoyed playing this concert. The only thing I could think last night was, “This is why I play music.” Thank you for having me in your ensemble this week.

Thank you for your kind words. My family who live in southern part of Japan were o.k.

Some of my friends who live in Tokyo had hard time with earthquake, but they are all stay safe.... Some of my friends who live in northern part of Japan haven’t responded to me so I worry about them.

I’m considering if we can plan a charity concert to send some money to Sendai Japan, it might be helpful for the people.... and I feel that I should do something for them. Many Japanese who live in NY cannot go to Japan soon and can not help physically, but we might be able to do something by music. If you also consider the idea, I appreciate you and I would like to participate together.

Could you ask this idea to members of One World Symphony? Thank you.

I could confirm the safety of all of my relatives. Thanks for the message, I really appreciate. If you plan to do any benefit concert, please let me know.

thanks again.

I hope you will consider doing something for Japan. If anyone can organize a meaningful benefit for Japan, it’s you and One World. Hope you will do it.

I’d definitely like to participate in this concert. I’d be grateful if I could be part of this benefit for Japan since I really couldn’t do anything for Japan as Japanese.

Thank you very much again.

I would really love to participate in the benefit concert for Japan. I have many close Japanese friends, so this tragedy hits home. It would make me feel better to do something proactive, rather than sitting by the TV/internet crying my eyes out!

Thanks for organizing this. Count me in!

I will absolutely play. I would be honored to be a part of this program.

Thanks for asking me. I truly hope we are able to make a difference with our music making.

(And I vote for Eye of the Storm too)

Thank you so much for helping Sendai Japan!! People are so depressed by too many horrible earthquake (aftershocks) in Tokyo, too. They need help so much now.... I sent some of my friends to ask participating the concert. I’ll let you know if some musicians are playing with us. See you at jam session tonight.

I got this information from my violinist friend Y. I am a violinist and a violist. It would be great pleasure for me to play this concert. In fact I am in Japan right now and coming back to NY tomorrow. It has been really tough for many of Japanese since the earthquake. I feel awful to leave my country this point. Playing this concert is only thing I can do right now. Thank you.

Thank you for these emails. I would absolutely LOVE to participate in this very important benefit concert. I have family and friends who live in Japan and would love to be able to play for them. This is such a wonderful and beautiful idea, thank you for organizing it. Looking forward to making music with you for this important cause.

Thank you for doing this. I am interested and free for all of the dates that you have proposed. Please keep me in mind and updated on this. I too, have many friends and connections to Japan and would be honored to be a part of this.

This is amazing! I’ll give up my shows for this one :-) May I suggest the original Live Aid song “We Are the World” from the ’80s. I think it could be orchestrated beautifully and it always makes me feel like I am one with the world! Can’t wait!

I’ll gladly be there to play for this event. Hopefully we get enough musicians to respond on time. And adding Eye of the Storm is such a great idea and makes so much sense! See you soon,

thanks for the thoughtful plan and offer. I am sorry that I couldn’t get back to you earlier, I was on the way to Japan. I will be back by the week which the rehearsals start, however I have a conflict on the day of the concert. let me work on the conflict if I can send a sub for that, because I really want to and have to do something for this concert. Thanks again for your effort to make this happen, Not only myself, all Japanese people appreciate for these kinds of action. I will get back to you soon.

I received the email about the benefit concert for Japan through P. I would love to join this opportunity to not only help the people in need, but to also honor those trying to mitigate future disaster from the nuclear reactors. Thank you

I’d be interested in playing a benefit, helping to raise funds for those devastated by the earth quake and tsunami. for Japan,

I am in. Thanks for organizing the concert for a good cause. Looking forward to it.

I will be very happy to play — this is a very good idea. See you soon!

I would absolutely love to perform for the benefit, I feel very much for those stricken by this terribly tragedy.

Sounds great, thanks a lot for asking me. And bravo for putting together such a meaningful event so quickly!

I will be there and I will be honored to participate and do what I can to help in such a tragic situation.

I am so happy to hear of this plan for a benefit for Japan — I myself am in the process of trying to put a chamber concert together for the same purposes with some colleagues.

Further, I am delighted to tell you that I am available to play too — the dates miraculously (!!) fit into my schedule. Most definitely count me in and let me know what you need me to play (violin or viola).

Really looking forward to collaborating in this — and making music.

I really appreciate you and would like to participate.

I’m studying English now, so my English is not so good. I can’t explain how much I appreciate you in English.

I would like to express my hearty appreciation once again. Thank you for your kindness.

It’s great program for the concert. Sure, I’ll be participating this concert. I hope that many musicians are playing and praying with together at this concert.

Sounds like a worthy cause; count me in!!

I would love to contribute and play in this concert. Thank you for your effort in organizing this.

While I know your schedules are beyond busy, I am so glad to hear you are able to coordinate a concert for Japan... Providing this small time to play contemplative and hopeful music will most certainly be a “balm for the soul” of the One World Family and friends.

I am glad to hear your Japan connections are safe and well. I was scheduled to lay over at Narita and the quake hit about an hour before we landed. I got 2 members of my team out on Mon morning and myself and boss got back tues morning at 6:30am.

There was little visible damage at Haneda, where we were diverted, and downtown where we spent the weekend. There were lots of road/train closures, slammed/out communications but there were no “runs on grocery stores” no mass hysteria.

The locals handled the situation with calm, organized grace and there is no place I would rather be to ride out a quake. We were fortunate to be where we were and to return home safely. :)

Like you my thoughts are with families on the coast.

Sunday, April 3
Holy Apostles Church