Beethoven 6, “Pastoral”

Chicken Soup for the Human Spirit

Photos and Letters

Photos by David Sauer and Adrienne Metzinger

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I was really moved by the Beethoven at the holiday benefit. In the first movement, the gentle clarity with which each instrumental voice would lift the melody and then be woven with another created a world of sound that boggled us with Beethoven’s genius. Thank you.

How many times one should perform Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony? Your performance not only had special moments but was magical throughout. The finale is usually rushed, confused for fire, but the way your musicians played showed patience and allowed the true spirit of the finale to unfold — “joyful and thankful feelings.”

Thank you very much for an inspiring evening of music. It was evident that the musicians enjoy working with each other. You allowed them to be free and they reciprocated with a convincing and glowing rendition of one of Beethoven’s most mature and introverted symphonies. The performance was filled with joy and depth. I wait patiently for Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony performed by your orchestra.

One World Symphony and Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen make a great team. The church feeds the hungry and your performances feed the soul.

Thursday, December 22, 2011
Holy Apostles Church