Season Finale:
Legendary Collaborations II: Gluck & Calzabigi
Review, Photos, and Audience Letters

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A member of the audience at Sunday’s One World Symphony concert sent me a copy of an e mail he sent to a friend in Texas.
"What a concert — all the singing was quite beautiful, featuring a concert version of Gluck’s Paride, Orfeo ed Euridice, Alceste (highlights).

The dancers, about seven, were lovely to watch. A young gentleman sitting right behind us stepped into the aisle and favored us with a trumpet fanfare. But the highlight for me came about halfway through, when the concertmaster stood up, placed his violin on his chair, and sang an aria in a beautiful burnished baritone. TOP THAT DALLAS!

One World Symphony audiences are blessed when you consider the alternative: New York Philharmonic concerts with tickets from $43.50–$240, performed with indifferent conducting in poor acoustics. Plus One World features a young, hugely talented conductor with a flair for the unusual, making these concerts a no-brainer. "

Not too shabby, yes?

Just wanted to say thank you again for a beautiful concert. It was nice meeting you, and I admire your work. 85 minutes of beautiful singing and wonderful playing that left me refreshed!

I wanted to thank you again for Sunday night’s show — it was really a fabulous production! I loved how things flowed seamlessly from one piece to the next, and the flautist did a magnificent job. Congratulations, again, on a great concert!

Really enjoyed last night — some surprises: was waiting for Adrienne to appear in a gorgeous dress and wondering why the boy in the chorus stepped forward at the beginning — then realized that was Adrienne. Then had to re-check my program to see if the Herald was the trumpeter and realized no, but he was also the concertmaster! Such versatility. The singers were great and the dancers were a wonderful addition. The orchestra played with glory. I admired the creativity with which it was all put together — a delightful evening. Hope you enjoyed it as much as the audience.

I loved how the program was performed without pause, especially how the symphonic dance interludes elegantly bridged the three operas. You got me again during the moving performance of Blessed Spirits.

The singing was gorgeous. The chorus sounded like there were 100 singers that filled the entire acoustical space. Having the dancers sensitively tell the story heightened our overall experience. Everyone seemed to breathe together as one. What can I say but it was a magical evening.

An all-Gluck programs sounds like too much of one thing, even if executed properly — sublimeness. But it was a performance full of surprises from the graceful dancers, the trumpeter in the audience, lead violinist singing beautifully. The luxuriant sounds from the orchestra gave me the goosebumps. There wasn’t a moment when I wasn’t engaged. Next season looks very sexy.

Sunday, January 22, 2012
Holy Apostles Church

Monday, January 23, 2012
Holy Apostles Church