Fourth Annual Halloween Program:
Mad Women of Opera
Photos and Audience Letters

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Halloween spent with One World Symphony this year was grand...lots of fun and excellent music. All the soloists were in great voice and the orchestra was in their usual superb form.

The orchestra members’ costumes were good fun and your Zorro outfit caught me by surprise, much more effective than the Dracula I had expected.

One World Symphony just gets better and better. The only problem I have with you all is finding new ways to express how much we appreciate all your efforts.

Thank you dear Adrienne and Sung Jin for being part of one of my biggest dreams come true. I take off my hat to you, Sung Jin, that you dared stepping out of the “bread and butter” repertoire and did your part also introducing, explaining these not so familiar pieces to the public. Adrienne, you are the invisible heart and soul of this incredible well functioning enterprise and I congratulate you from heart for everything you’ve done from a-z. The time already showed how well you guys function together, but, one day I strongly believe history will mention you as one of the important couples changing the music scene in NYC in first decades of 2000.

It is just that good, smooth at the end with all worked out bubbles and knots into a nice accomplished piece of art.

Keep up the great work, I wish you only good health because everything else you are blessed with already.

Congratulations on the turn out! I was invited to quite of few Halloween-related shows, and I felt like Halloween has become the new Christmas in NYC. Anyways, I wasn’t going to miss this since it’s one of my favorites of the year. I noticed a lot of new personnel in the orchestra, but you guys sounded so good together. It’s like my Packers — they always find a way to win with whoever’s on the field. Your Bears will be competitive, but history will repeat itself :)

Each soloist was appropriate for each role and how the orchestra accommodated each soloist and various musical styles was very impressive. I’m looking forward to the wintry Moonlight on January.

Love how you connect with the audiences: comedic introductions by Adrienne, powerful performances by your soloists and orchestra in costumes, and your short informative talks and demonstrations. Besides the high quality music-making, I admire One World Symphony’s innovative and fun programming and sense of community awareness and interaction.

It was a travesty to not have Lucia in your Mad Women! Performing Salomé made up for it especially expansive finale scene and the thrilling dance as an encore.

How about One World Symphony making music with OWS? It may fit your vision of reaching out to the motley neighborhoods and serving the community through music. Can’t help but it may be a good fit.

I really enjoyed Mad Women, the singers were excellent and the orchestra handled the diverse styles beautifully! 

Sunday, October 30, 2011
Holy Apostles Church

Monday, October 31, 2011
Holy Apostles Church