Happy Hour: Paris
Photos and Audience Letters

Photos by Hillary Honeck and Adrienne Metzinger

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You guys aren’t afraid of letting your hair down. The acrobatic can-can dancers flying and hopping around us and the singers and symphony bringing life to every moment of every piece — this sounds like something One World Symphony does regularly. You could have performed Ravel thrice and all of us would have remained at the edge of our seats, breathless.

Thank you for offering such a fun and interactive evening. It was a nice surprise to see the maestro rehearse the audience and work in a congenial manner during the concert itself. His enthusiasm for music was infectious and I really loved his “can do” attitude. It would have been most impressive if he danced and taught us the cancan himself. However, it truly was an interactive experience. Merci beaucoup! 

I haven’t had that much fun at a classical concert since your Halloween program. I hope One World will have more happy hours. How about teaching us to dance next time?

It never ceases to amaze me how beautifully your orchestra performs together. Ravel was more than picturesque, it was unbelievably gorgeous and exhilarating. As an encore, I wished you played the entire Daphnis again, the way you and the orchestra guided the Sunrise was breathtaking!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011
Holy Apostles Church