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First of all, congratulations on another successful world premiere! You created a complex work with Edge. I will not pretend to have grasped all the nuances present in the work, especially as they integrate with the lyrics of that haunting poem, but I look forward to listening to it again and again. I found the sounds to be as haunting as the poem. Hopefully Edge will find its way into a program in the near future.

And congratulations on completing another season of captivating performances. I have been on an Americana kick for a few months now and was excited to realize not only was I free for the season finale but that the programming was in line with my recent interest. I cannot thank you enough for continuing your tradition of bringing the music back to the people.

P.S. the Gershwin was a pleasant surprise and the performance exhilarating! Please pass along my compliments.

That was one of the very best concerts I’ve heard this concert season. The programming alone was daring, but every moment of the live concert was an experience — stirring, arresting. Impressive.

Really enjoyed the concert. The music was great....dark theme, but very powerful. Your introductions were very instructive and your love for your musicians was palpable. All that and the surprise Porgy and Bess too. All very enjoyable.

The density of content in your programs could entertain for an entire season each. I only wish they were somehow available for repeat performances — but that’s life, I guess — you get what you get and some things you miss...

I’m looking forward to next season.

The entire concert with your musical bridges felt as if we were undergoing hypnosis — an intense experience with heightened focus and concentration. Your Edge was more than a monodrama but a psychodrama. Your concerts are becoming like psychotherapy but much more enjoyable without anyone analyzing or deconstructing me.

Not much to say but WOW. The symphony and all of your soloists are awesome!

Sunday, May 19, 2013
Holy Apostles Church

Monday, May 20, 2013
Holy Apostles Church

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