Shakespeare Scandals

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Dear Friends at One World Symphony,

We so enjoyed Shakespeare Scandals last night. Marvelous voices, mellifluous strings, and a theme carried throughout the evening with very successful transitions on harp and otherwise. It was, as we have come to expect a transporting musical evening. Thank you for all your musical efforts — much appreciated!

I thought you did a great job as MC. When you asked “Are there any questions?” to the audience, I was going to yell out “Can I hug the harpist?” but I thought twice and that’s my only regret during the inspiring concert.

I love going to your concerts. They are experiences where I frequently leave feeling CHANGED — possibly better equipped to deal with the reality that has been suspended.

Bravo!! Thank you for another beautiful, beautiful evening. I had goosebumps all over at so, so many passages last night. You continue to inspire me, Sung Jin.

We adore you both.

The concert was awesome on Sunday! I didn't realize I knew the music until about halfway through. Loved it!

Both concerts were GREAT! Really lovely singing and nice tight programs.

Oh — I thought your introductions both nights were a lot of fun. Engaging, accessible. Very cool.

Anything that builds bridges for the audience is a good thing in my book.

Count me in for Baroquen. I love me some Dido.

The “Old War Horse” sounded like a young colt last night. Singers were great, orchestra was great! Bravo.

I really enjoyed the way you connected all the pieces together with harp — very unusual and effective. I would like to add that I found the final orchestral piece very moving as well. The orchestra had a rich, warm sound and I very much enjoyed the interpretation of that piece. Once again, thank you for the truly magical concert on Monday night!

What a cathartic experience tonight with One World Symphony and their exciting Shakespeare scandals!

Sunday, January 27, 2013
Holy Apostles Church

Monday, January 28, 2013
Holy Apostles Church