2014–2015 Vocal Audition Instructions and Requirements

October 25 vocal auditions will be rescheduled due to One World Symphony's final rehearsal for New Girls. Please continue oneworldsymphony.org for updates or follow the audition instructions below and email auditions@oneworldsymphony.org to be considered for an audition invitation.

A. Please e-mail One World Symphony at auditions@oneworldsymphony.org and provide answers to all of the following questions. Only applicants who have answered all of the questions will be considered.

  1. Full name
  2. IMPORTANT: Will you collaborate with One World Symphony pianist or bring your own pianist?
  3. IMPORTANT: Must confirm that you are available on October 25 from1-3 pm
  4. Contact information (e-mail, phone numbers)
  5. How did you hear about One World Symphony?
  6. Fach
  7. Role(s) for which you plan to audition
  8. What specific degree(s) you earned; when and from where you have graduated (please state the year of your graduation)
  9. Please list solo performance experience with full symphony orchestra and chamber ensemble.

Please do not attach headshots or résumés with the e-mail. If you are invited to audition, please bring your résumé, headshot, references, and music for the pianist. Scores may be used during the auditions.

B. Audition Fee

There will be an audition fee of $10. Audition space and collaborative pianist will be provided. If you are bringing your own pianist, the audition fee is also $10. Each auditioner will be singing in the performance space.

C. Priority

  1. Audition Request Deadline: Thursday, October 23 at 5:00 pm EDT
  2. Due to many audition requests, priority will be offered to vocalists who apply in advance (well before the audition deadline) and those who follow the audition instructions and requirements.
  3. Walk-ins are welcome; however, please understand that we cannot guarantee that walk-ins will be heard. One World Symphony will make every effort to hear you.
  4. One World Symphony encourages all our performers to take an active part in drawing audiences for our performances. In this spirit of collaboration, soloists performing with One World Symphony are asked to sell a certain number of discount tickets to their own production.
  5. No phone calls please.

Thank you very much for your interest in One World Symphony, and we look forward to hearing you.

Auditions Date and Repertoire