Photos of One World Symphony's pets
(because we love our furbabies)

Click for performance photos of The Cunning Little Vixen!

Vixen Verunka Vlkova with her cat, Kocour Vixen Claire Molloy and cat
Fox cubs Chloe and Thatcher Pitkoff with their dog Missy Fox cub Lindsay Berat and Mamusi, rescued 11 years ago by Lindsay's mom
Fox cub Columbine Loza and tiger Artistic Director & Conductor Sung Jin Hong with his cat Cleo Hongzinger, rescued in 2002
Anita Moore (Hen, Jaybird, and Innkeeper's wife) and Harold, adopted in 2007 from the ASPCA Ensemble member Christina Charly Burgos and her dog
House Manager Carrie Jaquith's Ophelia Webmistress Evay Knecht's Q-Tip, rescued in 1993
Rachel Silverman (Owl, Grasshopper) with Romeo Cleo Hongzinger with Adrienne Metzinger (Managing Director/Singer/Designer) just after being rescued from the street: Too small to have been separated from her mother.
Cleo Hongzinger sleeping in Adrienne Metzinger's hair. Adrienne Metzinger (at 18 months) with her dog Tasha, an Airdale Terrier
Clarinetist Angela Occhionero's beloved Vola Violinist Jenny Pham and her dog, Buddy
Oboist Joan Dawidziak's Pompadoo