Prague Spring: The Cunning Little Vixen

Prague Spring
The Cunning Little Vixen

One World Symphony
Sung Jin Hong, Artistic Director and Conductor
One World Symphony Vocal Artists

Leos Janácek: The Cunning Little Vixen (1924)*
Sung in English
*New York premiere of Jonathan Dove's orchestration

A portion of the proceeds from ticket sales at the door will benefit the Humane Society of New York.

Explore the lush wilderness of the Czech forest primeval in Janácek's The Cunning Little Vixen. With extraordinary inventiveness the composer transformed a daily Czech comic strip (see it here) into a touching opera about tender relationships between humans and animals and the cycle of life. Is this bittersweet fable a reflection on Janácek's unrequited love for Kamila Stosslova? Does the forester represent Janácek and Kamila the vixen?

Click for photos of One World Symphony's pets!

Performance length: 2 hours with intermission


TimeOut New York: “The five-minute dissection of the love duet could easily be turned into a 30-minute preconcert talk by Hong. While he is incredibly knowledgeable, he is also passionate, which makes the experience all the more illuminating.” Sung Jin Hong and Verunka Vlkova appreciate the generous standing ovation.
Alissa Mori, Katrina Gonzales, Andrea Gonzales, Columbine Loza, Thatcher Pitkoff, Lindsay Berat, Chloe Pitkoff performed as Vixen's adorable cubs. Verunka Vlkova (Vixen) and Adrienne Metzinger (Dog/Stage Direction/Costumes)
Claire Molloy (Viven) and Sara Paar (Fox) Columbine Loza assists Chloe Pitkoff with her fox makeup
Rachel Silverman (Grasshopper) and Erica Mundy (Cricket) Anita Moore puts some attitude behind her Hen characterization. Fox Cub Columbine Loza looks on
Alissa Mori (Frog) with Katrina and Andrea Gonzales (Fox Cubs) Sung Jin Hong acknowledges principal Second Violin Leah Potteiger.
Audience Interaction guided by Sung Jin Hong Sung Jin Hong coaxing the audience to be more engaged
Sung Jin Hong rehearsing The Cunning Little Vixen
Sung Jin Hong and One World Symphony Sung Jin Hong and Erica Mundy as Hen
(at extreme left)
Vixen preparing to pounce on the Rooster and Hens Fox Kathryn Janssen
Adrienne Metzinger: Stage Direction, Costumes, Dog Vixen Verunka Vlkova
Sung Jin Hong  

Photos: Jason Shapiro

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